Some you win, some you lose

Frankly, seems like we didn’t lose much. Just small amount of money, tens of hours of time, too many bears, couple bottles of scotch, few nerves, picks, strings, hair, and a Laney Klipp. Well, the Laney may be recoverable and has already suffered quite a bit so it can’t be lost — not yet, at least — but all else… tolerable. But, as I like to think of it, the year 2012 brought us mainly wins. After all, personally, I’m pleased. (I hope you’re with me in this one, guys.)


To be precise, the album Emersion was a success. No, it didn’t bring us wealth nor loads of cash, but it brought us more than we expected. We expected little, but what we got was… not that little. The feedback has been mind blowing. Especially the reviews, and after some countless nice words said about us, I cannot be but thankful. For all of you supporters and reviewers: thank you. This has been a blast!

We’ll see what the year 2013 will bring us, but the bar really has been lift high.



Ps. Check the reviews!


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